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A Complete Swim Meet Checklist for Swim Families

Swim Team Checklist
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  • Review the meet schedule and print a copy for your family

  • Confirm the meet location and any parking instructions

  • Pack snacks, water, towels, swim gear, extra goggles, and a swim cap

  • Prepare healthy meals for the day before and the morning of the meet

  • Get a good night's sleep before the meet

  • Double check your swimmer's registration, meet declaration, and write your Swimmer's ID on their shoulder (Swimmingly Teams Only)

  • Plan to arrive early to set up a team area and get acclimated to the facility

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the day

  • Bring cash or a card for any concessions or merchandise

  • Stay positive and encourage your swimmer to do their best

During the Meet

  • Check in with your swimmer's coach and review their event schedule

  • Stay hydrated and fuel your body with healthy snacks

  • Find a comfortable spot to set up your family area.

  • Cheer on your swimmer and their teammates.

  • Keep track of your swimmer's events and heats.

  • Download SwimminglyFan to see live results (Swimmingly Teams Only)

  • Be respectful to other teams and volunteers

  • Stay calm and positive, even if things don't go as planned

  • Take photos of your swimmer and their teammates.

  • Celebrate your swimmer's accomplishments, no matter the outcome

Post - Meet

  • Help your swimmer cool down and stretch after their last race.

  • Clean up your family area and any trash.

  • Review your swimmer's results and talk to their coach about areas of improvement.

  • Congratulate your swimmer and their teammates on a job well done.

  • Plan a fun and relaxing activity for after the meet.

  • Make sure your swimmer gets plenty of rest and hydration after the meet.

  • Wash any swim gear and towels used during the meet.

  • Review the meet with your swimmer and set goals for the next meet.

  • Thank any meet volunteers and officials.

  • Stay positive and support your swimmer throughout their swimming journey


Remember that swim meets are fun! It is important to be a good sport no matter the outcome of the races. Don't forget to thank the coaches and volunteers. SWIM FAST!

Swim meets, made simple with Swimmingly.