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A Complete Swim Meet Checklist for Swim Coaches

coach checklist
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  • Confirm the meet schedule and arrival time with all swimmers and parents

  • Prepare all necessary equipment including the Scorekeeper iPad, lanyards, and extra devices (Swimmingly Teams Only)

  • Review the meet rules and regulations with all swimmers and parents

  • Assign specific duties and responsibilities to each assistant coach

  • Ensure your swimmers do a good warm-up and are ready to race

  • Communicate any necessary changes or updates to the meet schedule to all swimmers and parents

  • Make sure all swimmer have the proper swimwear and equipment

  • Remind swimmers to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest the night before the meet

  • Review the meet entry list and make any necessary changes or adjustments

  • Conduct a final team meeting to go over the meet strategy and expectations

During the Meet

  • Arrive at the meet early to set up and get organized

  • Check in with all swimmers and parents to make sure everyone is present

  • Warm up and stretch with all swimmers before the meet

  • Review the meet procedures and rules with all swimmers and coaches

  • Make sure all swimmers have their Swimmer IDs written on their shoulder before they go to race (Swimmingly Teams Only)

  • Monitor the swimmers' performances and provide feedback and encouragement

  • Keep accurate records of the swimmers' times and results

  • Communicate any necessary changes or updates to the meet schedule to all swimmers and parents

  • Ensure all swimmers are following proper warm-up and cool-down procedures

  • Remain positive and supportive throughout the meet, even if things don't go as planned

Post - Meet

  • Conduct a team meeting to discuss the results and performances

  • Review the meet results and analyze for improvement

  • Celebrate the swimmers' accomplishments and recognize any personal best times or achievements

  • Collect and organize all meet results and devices

  • Provide feedback and constructive criticism to the swimmers to help them improve

  • Plan and schedule future training sessions and competitions

  • Follow up with any necessary administrative tasks

  • Assess and address any behavioral or disciplinary issues during the meet

  • Connect with other coaches and officials to build relationships and exchange feedback

  • Check and replenish necessary equipment and supplies (first aid kit, hydration)


Remember that swim meets are fun! Encourage your swimmers to have great sportsmanship and to have fun racing! Lead by example and be there to support your swimmers.

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