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5 Reasons to Volunteer at Your Kid's Swim Meet

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Volunteering at a swim meet is your worst nightmare. We get it...

You would do anything to get out of volunteering at a summer swim meet. It's hot, there are screaming kids asking you where to go, and you don't want to be THAT parent that keeps messing up. You always find yourself watching the clock wondering, when is it over?

So ... why should I do it?


1. Front Row Seats

Volunteering give you the best seat in the house to watch your swimmers. You get the first fist bump when the race is over and you don't have to fight your way to the side of the deck to watch.

2. Free Snacks

There is always a volunteer walking around offering snacks and water to the volunteers. Who doesn'tlove a free snack?

3. Shade Access

Shade is a hot commodity at summer swim meets. Most pools provide shaded areas for volunteers to stand and sit under. 

4. Never Miss Your Swimmer's Race

You will always be behind the blocks or near the side of the pool so you will never miss when your swimmer goes up to race. 
Pro Tip: Ask to time the land your swimmer is swimming in the most. There is nothing better than timing for your swimmer!

5. Make a Friend

Chances are you will be paired up with a parent you don't know and you will be spending at least an hour with them. What a great way to make a friend!



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